“…her energetic and inspiring stage presence captivates…” Pat Eggert, Wisconsin West magazine (Western Wisconsin);  October 2011

“…and the most amazing thing is that Sue Orfield isn’t a national artist with a major record deal.” Malcom Kennedy, The Washington Blues Society Bluesletter (Seattle, Washington);  August 2011

“A fiery tenor sax player (Sue Orfield) with amazing energy and proficiency wailed above and harmonized with the voices…” Jordan Marshall, Blues Pipeline of The Anchorage Press (Anchorage, Alaska);  1998

“Nowadays, it’s difficult to speak the English language without being conscious of gender issues, but in the midst of hearing Sue Orfield play tenor saxophone..the trappings of political correctness fade from the mind, and the real issue takes over:  The music.   Sue is…truly an awesome performer..with depth and character.  Sue Orfield is one of these rare players who can deliver technique with charisma.”  Dave Desrochers, The Washington Blues Society Bluesletter (Seattle, Washington);  1998

“..the demonic prowess of…Sue Orfield…delivered merciless assaults on the core senses of a…very appreciative audience.” Maggie Flowers, The Grapevine (Sheridan, Wyoming); 1996

“Susan Orfield….a shining star in the Seattle music scene.  Definitely one of the finest sax players you’re likely to hear anywhere.”  Kas, Snowbird Productions (Seattle, Washington); 2000

“Sue play(s) tenor saxophone that soars out of this world.”  Kathleen Melin, What’s Playing Magazine (Northwestern Wisconsin & East Central Minnesota); July 2009

“Orfield…makes the tenor sax sing…” Kathleen Melin, Inter-County Leader (Frederic, Wisconsin) 2006

“The saxophone, as played by Sue Orfield, was the perfect compliment to the festival atmosphere….Sue’s performance (was) effortless….creating a soulful song.”  Mary Dale, SeniorReview (Eau Claire, Wisconsin);  August 2010

“Orfield, loved and appreciated for her passionate and soulful performance on tenor sax…has a great connection with the audience and she’s simultaneously in a transcendent creative place that is just amazing.  She’s an incredibly talented composer and performer.”  Kathleen Melin, Press Release for Cafe Wren (Luck, Wisconsin); February 2009

“ as comfortable playing Nirvana as Thelonious Monk.” Diane Wright, The Everett Herald (Everett, Washington); 1995

“Orfield turned up the heat beyond boil….Orfield is one of the most powerful, most songful, most spirited tenor players I’ve heard. And her art, and her joy, went viral at the AQ (Artists’ Quarter).  Let it spread far and wide.”   Andrea Canter, Jazz Ink (Minneapolis, MN);

November 2011

“Sax guest Sue Orfield, a powerhouse jazzwoman from Wisconsin, blew the roof off the sucka with her tenor solos.”   Surowicz, Star Tribune (entertainment) (Minneapolis, MN);  November 2012

“…Sax Goddess Sue Orfield…”  Nick Meyer, Volume One (Eau Claire, WI);  January 2013